Night Patrolling

Our patrolling team is on guard throughout the night and day. Our patrolling teams operate in areas such as commercial buildings, Construction sites, Industrial areas, residential properties, showrooms, retail outlets, etc. This service includes regular site checks, physical inspections, and alarm responses to make sure your property, inventory, equipment and most importantly, you are safe and secure.

Our Patrolling Service includes -

Site visits every 3 hours during a night, A thorough check of the premises, Checks on existing security personnel, Ensuring no suspicious activity takes place, Line and radio communication links, Immediate response in case of an incident

Our designated Patrol Supervisors prepare a detailed and accurate report of all site checks which includes photographs of any security violations that may have been discovered. Our patrolling officers immediately inform the 24-hour control room if they come across the following situations -

Fire, Medical Emergency Assistance, Burglary, Theft & Loot, Tampered locks, Suspicious vehicles, Suspicious activities, Suspicious behavior of site employees, Unusual/Alarming lights or sounds, Check premises lock status, Material & Site safety


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